Mary and Ben – Central Park Engagement Photos

This is the engagement session of Mary and Ben at Central Park. One of biggest compliments I received this year was when Mary, the sister of one of my past Brides, ask me to be her wedding photographer and cinematographer. And after this awesome engagement session, I am even more thrilled to shoot their wedding […]

Yuna and Addison's Wedding Photos

Yuna and Addison’s Wedding Photos

Brooklyn Botanical Garden iCi, Brooklyn, NY  

Jessica and Terrence - Engagement Photos in Milford CT

Jessica and Terrence – Engagement Photos in Milford CT

I couldn’t wait to post this session, so much that I stayed up late to finish it up. This is Jessica and Terry, they were so relaxed during the shoot. We walked around Milford’s downtown and Marina, there are plenty of cute spots to photograph. I absolutely love every single one of these pictures. Best […]

Isabel & Jordan - Engagement Photos

Isabel & Jordan – Engagement Photos

The Highline Park, Hudson River Park and Chelsea These are the pictures of Isabel and Jordan, a sweet couple that contacted me earlier this year. We have been anxiously waiting for this shoot, all we needed was good weather and Isabel’s arrival from Germany. They are both into architecture and interior design so they wanted […]

Yuna and Addison - Central Park Engagement Photos

Yuna and Addison – Central Park Engagement Photos

Yuna is my highschool friend. We met in Miami and recently reconnected. She is one of the reasons I really want to visit Korea.  Yuna and Addison are getting married, next month in Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden. I can’t wait!. We went to Central Park for their engagement session on a lovely day. I’ll let the […]

Michael and Jacob's Wedding Photos

Michael and Jacob’s Wedding Photos

Oheka Castle, NY Talk about an emotional and entertaining wedding. I can honestly say this was one of the most touching ceremonies I have been too. It was a combination of having their own friend as their officiant, Michael singing his vows while breaking down in tears, Jacob’s sweet words, their friend Ed playing the […]

Michael and Jacob - Engagement Photos

Michael and Jacob – Engagement Photos

Central Park.  New York, NY   This is the engagement session of Michael and Jacob. I don’t know how they did it, but they planned the most beautiful and entertaining wedding in just 3 months. We took these engagement pictures a few weeks ago in Central Park. Stay tuned for their wedding pictures and film coming soon!

What to wear for Engagement Photos?

Engagement photos are a great opportunity for me to capture you guys as a couple in a relaxed environment. It helps you get comfortable in front of the camera so you know exactly what to expect on your wedding day. My goal is to get to know each other better so you both feel comfortable […]

Matthew in NYC

Matthew in NYC

So what did I do for christmas? I photographed Matthew. Two blocks from our house there is this graffiti wall I always walk by. I’ve been wanting to take some portraits there, so who did I have handy? Matthew. He loves when I take his pictures. We were freezing but he was such a trooper […]

Win a 50mm lens! My favorite lens

Crave photography an awesome blog that I follow is giving a way a Canon Lens and Mentoring Session in photoshop! The biggest prize is a 50mm 1.4 lens, one of my favorite ones. If you are about to buy your first lens for your DSLR that would be the one I recommend. Click on this […]

2012 Cute and Funny Wedding Moments

2012 Cute and Funny Wedding Moments

When I am photographing a wedding I get to witness several emotions that happen in one single day. I photograph beauty, tears and laughs. It was so much fun to put together this list of photographs of my personal unforgettable moments of my 2012 weddings. It actually was pretty easy fetch them since these images […]

Tania & Moises - Wedding Photos 2

Tania & Moises – Wedding Photos 2

This is the second part of Tania & Moises wedding. All I have to say is it ends with a Gangman Style Flash Mob. See the first part here.

Tania y Moises - Wedding Photos 1

Tania y Moises – Wedding Photos 1

The day I was a bridesmaid, photographer, videographer, and witness. Finca El Rosario – Queretaro, Mexico.   This is the wedding of my cousin Tania and Moises. So much work was put into all the details of this wedding, why? because it’s just fun! It was a collaboration of friends and family. Late nights cutting […]

Pinhole Press holiday cards

Pinhole Press holiday cards

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here and we are almost running out of time to get holiday cards. I love these Pinhole press cards, because they have simple, elegant, minimalist designs and superior quality paper. Plus they are super easy to design. I created the samples below in 10 minutes. This Tisdale sisters […]

Tisdale Sisters - Family Photography

Tisdale Sisters – Family Photography

Hello!! I truly enjoy family photos. This shoot was a couple weeks ago in Trumbull, CT. They are the Tisdale Sisters! Alana, Imani and Kamilah, and they wanted to do a Sisters Shoot. Kamilah is a really good friend of mine. We met back when I attempted Capoeira, then we became friends, later coworkers, carpool […]

Norris-Mital Wedding Photos

Norris-Mital Wedding Photos

Rye Brook Hilton Hotel – Rye Brook, NY Glen Island Harbour Club – New Rochelle, NY Bicultural weddings are one of my favorites. This was a hindu/american wedding and thus Sarah had to get to wear two amazing wedding outfits that look completely different. Both bride and groom got ready at the Brook Hilton Hotel, […]

Venetz Family Photos at Central Park

Venetz Family Photos at Central Park

This Family session is particularly special. The Venetz are not just any family, they are the new addition to the family once my brother gets married. Well we don’t really have to wait for Anna and Rod to get married. The Venetz felt like family the moment Anna and Rod started dating, even though communication […]

Wedding Planning Tip #1: Mr. Sun gets the first word

Wedding Planning Tip #1: Mr. Sun gets the first word

I’m starting a series of wedding planning tips based on my experience since I have been in the wedding industry. Most of these tips are aimed to enhance a bride and grooms photographs. I’m starting with this one since it’s the first thing you need to think when creating your schedule. Check the sunset time […]

Danielle and Brian - Engagement Photos in Newtown, CT

Danielle and Brian – Engagement Photos in Newtown, CT

Ferris Acres Creamery – Newtown, CT. This is the engagement session of Danielle and Brian. We went to Ferris Acres Creamery since this is the place where they had their first date and of course a little ice cream doesn’t hurt anyone. The rain came later on so we had to take some pictures with […]

Natasha and Jon – Wedding Highlight Video

Ohh the day is finally here!! I’ve been wanting to share this video with all of you! This is the wedding of my friend, co-shooter, photography partner, Natasha Montero. Angel and I shot this film for her and as much as I wanted to relax and enjoy her wedding as a guest, I was equally excited to shoot it and get all creative. It was a great day and I feel lucky I got to spend the day with Natasha. I did put my camera down after the ceremony and enjoyed a really fun reception.

My only hope is that you enjoy watching this video and get a feeling for who Natasha and Jon are and how much effort they put into their wedding day.

Here are the vendors that worked so hard on this wedding:
Stacie Shea events
Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning
Shindig Lighting, LLC
Winston Flowers
Jessica Haley
Melissa Jane Cakes
The Vintage Rental Co.
Angelica Glass Photography

New York City Rooftop Engagement Photos

New York City Rooftop Engagement Photos

I had the privilege to shoot this couple’s engagement session at a rooftop in NY. The views were amazing and the sun was just hitting us perfect for some cool sun glare effects. After the rooftop we walked down the street to get some pictures of the city from below. I can’t wait for their […]

Monica & Mike - Wedding Photos in Greenwich, CT

Monica & Mike – Wedding Photos in Greenwich, CT

St. Mary Church in Greenwich, Connecticut Stamford Sheraton Hotel I met Monica back in college at Sacred Heart University and last year I found out she was engaged. I met her and Mike at a coffee shop to talk about their photos. They decided to choose me as their photographer and I am so glad […]

Katie & Tom's Wedding Photos in NY

Katie & Tom’s Wedding Photos in NY

Regina Coeli Church  (Hyde Park, NY) and Locust Grove  (Poughkeepsie, NY) Welcome!!! I’m glad you stopped to see these wedding pictures. Katie and Tom are a young and fun couple that got married last weekend at Regina Coeli Church. This summer I did their engagement session at Silver Sands Beach in Milford. I was very moved […]

Print pictures in fabric using some Inkodye and sunlight

I recently came across this super cool product on Kickstarter and I am glad these guys got the funding to make it possible. It’s called Lumi Process where you can print your pictures as negatives in cloth, wood, etc. All you need is a printer, their starter kit and Mr. Sun. I’m already trying to come up with ideas of how to use it.

“Sing like no-one’s listening”

This photograph is from Regin and Matt’s Wedding The girls were singing to “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease and were singing their hearts out. I reminds me of one of my favorite quotes and a life philosophy I follow:

Work like you don’t need the money.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like no-one’s watching.
Sing like no-one’s listening.
Live like there’s no tomorrow.
Fear like a stone.
-Mark Twain

I Love Etsy:  Wedding Invitations

I Love Etsy: Wedding Invitations

Another Etsy find! These Wedding Invitations are the amazing work of Haleiwa Ink. They do an amazing job with typography, color and paper shapes. Some of their invitations even tell your story. I think invitations with so much personality like these, let your guests know what kind of celebration they are heading to! I’m always […]

Regin & Matt's Wedding Photos in NY

Regin & Matt’s Wedding Photos in NY

Crabtree Kittle House. Chappaqua, NY This past August 11th Matt and Regin celebrated their wedding. Although it was a rainy morning, the sun came out and they were able to have their ceremony outside just like they had planned. Regin and Matt did a lot of the details by themselves, and they are all music […]

Sebastian - HS Junior Portraits

Sebastian – HS Junior Portraits

Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR Last month I surprised my family in Arkansas with a unexpected visit for my not-so-little-anymore brother’s birthday, Sebastian. Sixteen years ago our lives changed when this guy came to brighten our lives. He is my caring, funny, huggable brother and I’m so proud to be his sister. One afternoon […]

Garret's Portraits

Garret’s Portraits

This is Garret, he is a Volleyball player at Sacred Heart University. This is Fairfield, Connecticut. We took these pictures just because. No specific event, no graduation, no birthday, no engagement. Just photos of Garret being Garret. We walked around fairfield and found some nice little corners, and my favorites brickwalls and Vespas. See you […]

Ginnila's Quinceañera Photos

Ginnila’s Quinceañera Photos

Marriott Trumbul, CT I love new challenges. This was my first Quinceañera. Yes, that is right. Although I am mexican I have only attended 1 Quinceañera party, my cousin’s and it was a very long time ago. I left my country just as I was about to turn 15. After I left my friends had […]